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R-Dash LED information page

R-Dash® LED Courtesy Light & R-Dash® LED Luggage Compartment Light

Looking for the perfect visual upgrade for your vehicle? New, from R-Dash® together with CleanTuning®, Super High Bright White R-Dash® LED Courtesy Lights & R-Dash® LED Luggage Compartment Lights will look absolutely terrific on your car. Increased visibility makes these the obvious choice for a quick and easy visual enhancement. Precision engineered, these LED Lights are designed to perform and outperform any competition. These White LED Lights replace your existing Halogen Bulbs or Weak LED Bulbs to instantly bring your vehicle's appearance to new life. Super high visibility; both day and night.

R-Dash® LED Courtesy Lights & R-Dash® LED Luggage Compartment Lights are the most cost effective way to improve the appearance of your car and give you the styling you deserve. Each set is constructed of the highest quality components. R-Dash® LED Courtesy Lights & R-Dash® LED Luggage Compartment Lights are the newest style of LED Lights available on the market today. R-Dash® White LED Lamps are your way to get that racing look. These White LED Lamps is a technological breakthrough in manufacturing, the same technology is used in military applications. The result is a more powerful LED Light placed directly instead of the existing factory Halogen Bulbs or Weak LED Bulbs.

  • R-Dash® BMW LED Courtesy Lights
  • OEM Part#: 63316972605 / 63316961999 / 63316902911 / 63316962009
  • R-Dash® BMW LED Luggage Compartment Lights
  • OEM Part#: 63316962039 / 63316962040 / 63318360588 / 63318360112
  • Super Bright White High-Efficiency R-Dash® LEDs
  • Designed to Fit BMW Models Specifically
  • 10X Brighter compared to OEM Halogen Bulbs
  • BMW OE Replacement (NOT Just Bulbs)
  • CCT- 7000K Light Output
  • Designed and Made in Taiwan
  • Multi-Country Patents Pending
  • 100% Anti-OBC & PDC Error, 2 Output
  • CleanTuning® is Authorized Dealer For R-Dash®

OEM Part # :63316972605 / 63316961999 / 3316902911 / 63316962009
Can look like any light assembly below:


R-Dash Part # : 5603728W
- Looks like the lights in the picture below:


Before & After Pictures:


R-Dash Part # : 5603846W
- Looks like the lights in the picture below:


Applications List